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How Can My Garage Add Value to My Home?

I Hope You All Are Staying Well! If You have been following my series of posts getting You Ready to Sell Your Home, you have started to Look at Your Finances, You are Working on De-Cluttering, and getting the Basement in Shape.  Check Out My Website if you have missed any of my ideas at How to Get Ready to Sell Blogs by Karen Levison.

So now that you have started to pack up the winter clothing, and all your items are priced and ready for selling, you need a place to store them until our world opens up again.  I was thinking that garage sales may be very popular as people get back on their feet, so might as well be ready, even if you don’t sell this year.

The garage can be a terrific selling point for Your Listing!  But it also must be de-cluttered and clean.  I know, its a garage, but you need to look at it now as a way to add value to your home.  So let’s clean out the old planters, get rid of the broken lawn mower, and get tools and toys hung up.  Same as the basement, it is important that buyers and inspectors, can see the perimeter of the garage. They are looking for signs of water and insect damage, as well as wood rot.

Projects to consider would be replacing rotted boards, calling an exterminator if there is insect damage (check wooden eves for wood bees) and fill in cracks in the concrete flooring.  If the floor is really bad, you may want to also use a concrete sealer to spiff it up!

I know you have been packing and preparing for the sale.  Find a space to move boxes labelled for moving (not too close to the perimeter) that you could rope off during a sale.   Find a separate place for items for sale.  Let the family know which area is for what…you don’t want to sell your favorite albums by mistake, but maybe the 8-track player could go…

Enjoy the warmer weather!

Any Questions? I am always available to Provide you a Free Market Analysis (even virtually) and discuss my custom listing packages that will fit your needs and budget!

Please remember to wash your hands and wipe down your phone.  Don’t Forget Your Face Mask! Stay Well!

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