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Yes, I’m Ready to Sell! How Do I Start?

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Now that You have determined that you are Ready to Sell and have checked out financially that this is the Right Move to Make (Is It the Right Time to Sell My Home)  let’s take a look at How Do I Start?  While Location, Location, Location is indeed a Key factor in selling Your Home, the presentation of Your Home to Potential Buyers is just as important.  Remember, in these days of technology, your on-line presence (pictures, videos) is your first impression.  It is truly imperative to have a variety of pictures for those buyers who, just like you, are home shopping while social distancing.  Every situation has it’s ups and downs, so let’s look at this as an OPPORTUNITY!  At DeMarsh, we are looking into videos and even live tours to showcase our New Listing’s.  To be successful, we must be ready!

Spring is Here!  So just like Grandma used to do let’s begin by de -CLUTTERING and SPRING Cleaning.  I know you have stocked up on supplies, so let’s get started.

Time to Change Out Clothing – while you pack away the fall and winter clothes, you may want to consider donating or selling items you did not wear all season.  There are many donation boxes ( I like those for Prospect School because I know any $$ made is used locally). Consignment Shops will be taking spring/summer items, so as you unpack, are you really going to use all those items? Why not give a business boost to those Local Small Business Owners and make a few dollars for you.  Having a clean and organized closet is very  impressive to potential buyers and gives the appearance of “lots of storage” even in small spaces.  Make sure the Doors on your closets work easily, because YES, they are going to open All of them.  And please don’t forget the kids closets!  Get them involved and away from those screens for a couple of hours.   Kids can be so generous when they know they are helping someone else and that they may make a couple of dollars helps too!   Many sellers will use closets to “hide stuff”.  Big mistake!  It gives the appearance of little storage.  Clean and tidy up, pack away those winter clothes, boots, shoes, and coats.  Don’t forget to label the boxes – You Are Moving Right?

Don’t stop at the Closets, what about those Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets?   Are All the Holiday Decorations packed away?  You get the idea…buyers will want to picture where their “stuff” is going to go in Their New Home.  Prepare Your Home for Listing Pictures and Videos!

Any Questions? I am always available to Provide you a Free Market Analysis (even virtually) and discuss my custom listing packages that will fit your needs and budget!

Please remember to wash your hands and wipe down your phone.  Don’t Forget Your Face Mask! Stay Well!

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Next UP – the Basement!  Things You May Not have Considered in Organizing Your Basement for Showings.


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